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Grow Your Business Effortlessly:

With Expert Virtual Assistants

Top talent, curated for you,

that beats local hiring costs

  • Battle Tested Experience
  • Matched to fit your needs and work style
  • Seamless onboarding, no prep needed

We Know WHY You Haven't Hired Yet


Bad past experiences
with VA's


You've heard a VA horror story

You don't have time to find the
right teammate


...and you don't know where to start

But, the Right VA feels like a Super Power

  • Grow your business while you sleep
  • Give you peace of mind
  • Freedom to focus on high value tasks
  • Time back with your friends, family and self

only $12/hour on average

  • No Placement Fee

  • No Long term Contracts

  • Free and Fast Replacements

Take it from a few of our Clients

How it works
3 Steps to Freedom


Book an Exploration call

We really get to know you and your business to find the biggest time/growth lever you should pull on with a VA


Get Matched with your Pefect Teammate

We curate highly qualified VAs, put them through our rigorous vetting process. You make final selection and we  help you onboard them.


Enjoy More Time
and Success!

Your VA hits the ground running, builds SOPs, & clears your workload

only $12/hour on average

  • No Placement Fee

  • No Long term Contracts

  • Free and Fast Replacements

Who are these Virtual Assistants?

We place independant thinkers with years of experience.
Your new teammate will arrive ready to work,
with insights into ways to improve your systems.
No existing systems needed
Their job is to reduce your workload, not increase it. 
We hire from both Philippines and Latin America, for a wider talent pool.

"having a VA is what got me to that next level and beyond"


 - Blake Cochran | Swallowtail

"I always thought I had to reach a certain level to afford or be ready for a VA, but having a VA is what got me to that level and beyond.Thanks to the Effortless Hire's help I have a long term teammate who gives me the freedom to build the business I've always wanted"

"an invaluable addition to our team"


 - Adina Lichtman | Knock Knock Give a Sock

"Aileen has been an invaluable addition to our team. She is responsible and communicative with the team and is not timid when asking questions if she feels that she needs more direction. I especially appreciate her sensitivity to the differences in our time zones as well as her willingness to talk openly. I could not have asked for a better VA."

"above and beyond what is asked"


 - Josip Odzak | Tytex

"Tomer and his team, really understand how to find the right teammates who are professional, friendly, and know how to get things done. We have been working together for many years and he knows how to take care of his clients, going above and beyond what is asked."

Work Examples

What kind of work can a VA do for me?
Do you need a
Sniper or a Swiss Army knife?

Event Management
  • Planning, outreach, managing partners and attendees.

  • Creating assets for your Marketing

  • Market your event before and after

Social Media and Online Presence (FB, IG, Pinterest, Site Updates...)
  • Content Ideation and Strategy

  • Edit Videos

  • Create graphics

  • Schedule and Post

  • Engage and grow your accounts

Inquiry Management and
Customer Service:

Never miss a lead, and effortlessly onboard new clients: Expertly handle inquiries, ensuring seamless client onboarding and exceptional customer service.

Building and Sourcing Your Product

Whether you are in physical, or digital product, a service or a content creation machine. There are parts of your product that can be delegated out so you can focus on your secret sauce. We work to identify that piece and find the right teammate to get that for you on repeat.

Executive Assistants

Get that right hand teammate who can manage your inbox, your calendar and make sure your projects are tracked and managed.

A must have for all business owners and executives. 

the hire that will multiply your efforts like nothing else.


Stop getting lost in the day to day operations of your online store.

  • brand and store management.

  • Inventory and supply chain management

  • Clean up and streamline your processes.


With 10 years of Ecommerce experience, we know all the right things to look for when hiring these teammates!

...and so much more

Solopreneurs and Small Teams 
The Cost of Delaying Your Offshore Assistant Hire


 Expensive Local Wages

You are currently paying a premium for lower level work

Overwhelm & 

Balance Issues


Time is your most valuable resource, why spend it on low level work?

missed opportunity.png

Missed Growth

Low level work clouds your ability to see and capitalize on growth opportunities

Don't delay lets explore your options

The Wrong Hire Costs More Than Just Their Salary


Time Drain

Replacements means exhausting rehiring, onboarding, and retraining 


Task Troubles

Unclear action plans and having to redo work

lost reputation.png

Reputational Risk

Quality issues puts your brand's reputation and customer loyalty in jeopardy

we make sure you get the right one.

Meet your team building specialist:
Tomer Soran P.E.

Tomer built a 7 figure ecommerce business entirely run by Virtual Assistants. He has gone through all the mistakes you could go through with hiring offshore talent so you don't have to.  Businesses seek him out for his insight into their operations often seeing opportunities that have led to magnitudes of growth.
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Effortless Hire Guarantee

1) Free + Fast replacements as needed!
If you need a replacement at any time, we will find you one at no cost as quickly as possible.

2) Regular Check Ins and Support!
We are here to help you continuously improve your systems and optimize your business and will consult with you regularly to find new ways for you to do so.
  • What tools and platforms do Virtual Assistants use to effectively perform their work?
    The sky’s the limit. Literally. It depends on the type of a Virtual Assistant package you select. Every industry and sector have specialized software, tools, platforms, etc. However, some tools include various CRMs and workplace management like Hubspot, or Clickup, design tools like Canva, and other tools like Docusign, Mailchimp, and social media schedulers. We ensure our Virtual Assistants are up-to-date on the latest trends and are efficient.
  • Do your Virtual Assistants speak good English?
    Absolutely. All our Virtual Assistants speak English natively and we select candidates for an accent level based on your needs.
  • What is a Virtual Assistant?
    A Virtual Assistant is an actual human being and a professional who is located remotely. Virtual Assistants often possess impressive track records spanning significant time on a job or assignment. Effortless Hire selects the best of the best when it comes down to hiring Virtual Assistant talent.
  • Do you uptrain your Virtual Assistants?
    Constantly. Our coaches monitor the performances of all our Virtual Assistants and collect feedback from our clients on it. The Team Manager’s team exists to develop our Virtual Assistant capabilities and bolster their skills.
  • What tasks do Virtual Assistants perform?
    Foremost, any task that can be done remotely falls within the ability of our Virtual Assistants. Possibilities are endless, but the main idea is our Virtual Assistants are much like regular office employees, but are based elsewhere. From menial day-to-day tasks to rigorous marketing or prospecting campaigns, Virtual Assistants are extremely versatile in the range of tasks they can shoulder and deliver great quality of work.
  • Where are your Virtual Assistants based?
    Our VAs are located in both the Philippines and Latin America. However, all of our Virtual Assistants have to pass an English proficiency exam before being hired to Virtudesk and being placed with a client.
  • Do I need to have my business playbook ready before hiring?
    No. You barely have time to do all your work much less document in detail every process and procedure. This shouldn't be a reason why you can't get help.. Which is why: All of our hires build your Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Handbook as they learn from you. All you have to do is show them around with a Video call, they will document the process and review it with you for adjustments.
  • What’s it like to work with Effortless Hire?
    Curious what the process is to getting that perfect virtual assistant to clear your time and let you take the next step in your business? Here’s how it goes step by step: 1) we hop on a call to better understand your business as a whole and your initial thoughts on the role you want to fill. I will try and dig in to double check if there is anything that we may want to adjust on it in order to make the whole system work better or to make the new teammate more effective. 2) We go find that perfect virtual teammate for you. - we source from both the Philippines and Latin America. they go through several rounds of vetting and interviews and I personally verify them for vibe and cohesion with you and your work style. 3) I will present 1-3 candidates to you for final approval, we pick a start date. 4) I assist with the onboarding day. The VA is then a member of your team. You pay us, we handle all payroll to them, monitor time, do weekly checkins on goals and progress, and provide ongoing training within our community of virtual staff. And of course, Guaranteed replacements ASAP free of charge.
  • Can I hire more than one Virtual Assistant?
    Definitely. Depending on the areas you’re looking to address, we offer many solutions. Here’s one example of a real estate agent delegating work to Virtual Assistants. -One full-time Virtual Assistant covers the agent’s schedule and appointment book. This Virtual Assistant also monitors the email correspondence and online inquiries coming in through the agent’s website. -Their Marketing Virtual Assistant creates content for the agent’s business, updates the website, and manages all the social media channels (Facebook, Google business page, Instagram, and TikTok) with consistent posts (i.e., reels, stories, feed posts, etc.) to keep the agent’s online presence active and growing. -Their third Virtual Assistant assists the agent with Transaction Coordination tasks to ensure the real estate transaction is properly executed from contract signing to close. This is one such example in one specific industry among many.
  • How do I communicate with my VA?
    Through a mix of video calls and chat based services. The specific platform will be based on your existing systems but examples include (google meet, zoom, teams, google chat, whats app, slack).
  • What are the advantages of a Virtual Assistant vs. a regular employee?
    Usually an in-house employee commands a salary and requires an overhead cost of an office infrastructure that includes rent of a commercial space, furnished and operational office (cubicle, computer, Internet, printer, etc.), office security, and so much more. Whereas hiring a Virtual Assistant eliminates the overhead costs. In addition, since we’re a U.S.-based company we have a US tax ID. Services rendered through Effortless Hire usually fall into a business expense category and can be written off with Form 1099. More information is available during our onboarding process.
  • Do Virtual Assistants work from an office setting?
    No, our appeal to Virtual Assistants is the flexibility that comes from working from home. Avoiding a time-consuming commute, time spent on the physical aspect of leaving their house, and arriving at a workplace allows our Virtual Assistants to be on standby.
  • In what order should I hire in my business
    First we suggest clearing tasks that you do on a regular basis that you know someone else should be doing. Things that feel like they are below your paygrade. This is work you know well so it will be easier to delegate and supervise initially. Then we recommend focusing on projects that you have been putting off for assorted reasons., maybe you have not had time to tackle them, or they are just not in your zone of genius. By clearing your time initially, it will free you up to focus on the next project.
  • What Hours Do Virtual Assistants Work? Does a Virtual Assistant work in the same time zone as I do?
    Yes. Our Virtual Assistants work on a schedule you select for them. Your VA will work during your preferred working hours. We make sure that you know exactly when your teammate is in and working so that if you need to hop on a call, you know. Depending on the type of work, their hours may be best as split shifts or other flexible hours. No matter what, you will not have to adjust your schedule.
  • Are there long term contracts?
    No, we do not hold you to long term contracts. We simply request a 14 day heads up if you wish to terminate so that we have an opportunity to find a new placement for your virtual teammate. Of course we take so much care in matching you with the right teammate, but if you have any issues we will First, work to fix anything that we can Second, per our guarantee: we can always replace your VA with another as quickly as possible for no cost.

Book an Exploration Call

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